Hi, I'm Jeremi, the Founder of Promethean Outdoor Supply. A few years ago, I left my hometown of Montreal, Canada in a van by myself, heading West with a project.
Two passions drove me to jump on this adventure: travel, and action sports in the outdoors. I wanted to experience the mountains and the waves of the West.
After a month and a half roaming across Canada and the north of the US, I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies.
So I settled in Banff National Park, the truly jaw-dropping place where had the chance to enjoy the skiing and hiking season.



I then moved to the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island, to live and work in Tofino, one of the only surf towns in Canada. Surfing turned out to be quite a revelation for me, and now I can't stand not having waves around for too long.

These last two destinations definitely made me realize the need for nomad adventurers like me to be able to set up camp on the spot, on mountains or beaches. 
During all those months, I used all my spare time to lay the foundations of my brand, design products, and reach out to manufacturing partners. Slowly but surely.
After the PNW, I left Canada to drive along the Oregon and California coastal highway, where I enjoyed the waves and the views.
Followed by Baja California & some of the Pacific coast.

My project was slowly coming to life...
After two months of traveling and working in Mexico, I received the prototype of my first bundle of products. It was very encouraging to finally see all my efforts materialize into a physical product I could now use for my own adventures.

I was trying to answer the most primary need of an outdoor nomad: to find shelter, comfort, and protection from the elements.
I'm talking about a complete camping hammock system that can replace the backpacking tent in an innovative way.

After receiving the prototype of my camping hammock shelter, I had to put it to the test, so I headed back to the US and went through 6 National Parks that totally blew my mind, from Grand Canyon to Yosemite. A few weeks that I will never forget.

Fast forward 2 years, a business accelerator, 3 interns, sourcing(hiking & surfing too) trips to Indonesia and Vietnam, and many prototypes...
I'm writing this August 13th 2019, a few days before receiving my first ever inventory of 100 Pacific Rim Shelters.
Wish us good luck ;)

Jeremi Pelletier